NutzenTech develops cloud control software solutions for drones that include image processing and air quality measurement analysis, real-time mapping and data processing to help waste generating companies control hardware health.

Claiming that the future will be saved with the development of data systems, our team develops its technology with the high technology it contains in order to improve and improve it day by day. Since our adventure that we started in 2018, we have been advancing without deviating from our path together with our investors, customers and teammates who believe in us.

Envedrone collects environmental data thanks to unmanned aerial vehicle, sensor and camera technologies; It is a system that can analyze this data thanks to the SaaS platform on nutzentech.com and make this data meaningful. It can be charged and used 7 times a day after it is taken out of the box it is in and its wings are opened, and it can detect 35 air pollutant parameters in a coordinated manner with its sensor systems, fully accredited, and can receive high resolution data for image processing and modeling thanks to its camera system. They can see these received data instantly from this system on nutzentech.com, where people who do not have Envedrone can also enter and analyze their data.

Hardware purchases are available in 3 installments.

Software purchases are made in advance by credit card or money order/EFT.

Cancellation of the order within 15 days of the purchase can be canceled as a result of reasons that both parties find justified.

In all hardware and software products, our 24/7 technical team provides technical support and warranty services in order to serve you better.

Every e-mail you send to info@nuztentech.com e-mail address is answered within a maximum of 6 hours and the process of searching for a solution is immediately entered.

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