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We build products that fulfill your needs. During our startup journey, we had the chance to design-think on the most important problems of the market by holding meetings and feedback meetings with many companies. In this context, we had the opportunity to introduce the following products to you.

Thanks to the talents of our team members, we go beyond technical problems and solve the problems within our ecosystem with our innovative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, with technology in a way that does not harm the nature.
Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

Environmental Analysis with Drone, Sensor and Camera


Thanks to the sensor system integrated into the drone system, you can obtain a report that can be presented within the body of the ministries of the environment, the united nations and environmental agencies as a result of measuring and analyzing 35 air pollutant parameters originating from the city, industry and traffic in a fully accredited manner.

In addition, thanks to the camera system on our drone system, it can be used in areas such as millimetric precision 2D/3D mapping and modeling outputs, controlling zoning areas, building modeling, object modeling. Another benefit of our camera system is the combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies within our image processing technology and your visuals. In this way, you can detect all kinds of anomalies. To give an example, we first make 3D modeling within the wind turbines and then reduce all the determinations such as broken, bird-dung, abrasion, paint removal on the wind blades from this model to a period of 20 minutes, from the situation that should normally be done in 1 day.

It comes to you in a box with 96 minutes of flight time and on which we can integrate all the technology up to 8 kg you want to integrate. At the end of the day, all you have to do is plug in the cable for charging and take it out of the box and open its wings when you want to fly. If you want to upload different routes for EnveDrone, which will fly within the route we have previously determined with you, you can make these assignments through our SaaS system.
One Platform to Analyse All Environment


You can get your reports and present them easily as a result of analyzing the data from EnveDrone on a single platform in our AWS-based system. In addition, if you have your own drone system, you can upload your own images to this system and get your own analysis. In this way, wherever you are in the world, you can analyze with high speed and low cost thanks to our analysis system with high artificial intelligence technology.

Fly Safe & Get Quick Data

Thanks to its high successful test rates, EnveDrone demonstrates a safe flight in your field in a fully-autonomous manner and gives you all the data you want to obtain. In this way, all you have to do is follow the data you want to obtain after taking it out of the box and flying it over the Nutzen-SaaS system.

Inductive / Capacitive Sensors

Thanks to our sensor system called Nutzensor, which we have been able to fully accredit at the end of high investments and R&D processes, which performs 35 air quality parameter measurements, you can get sensitive and state-approved air quality analyzes and continue your production with peace of mind.

Analyse Instantly

There is almost a “data love” between Nutzen-SaaS and EnveDrone, a desktop and mobile application produced thanks to the superior skills and planning of our technical teams. After EnveDrone analyzes all the raw data it receives in our AWS-based system, it sends it to the SaaS system thanks to IoT, and the analysis will be in your hand in a split second.

E2E Solution Analysis Report

After EnveDrone receives the data, it sends this data to the Nutzen-SaaS system. Your analyzes will be ready in a split second and presented to you. So what is included in these analyzes? Suggestions are presented within the framework of the costs of the solutions of all anomalies analyzed and seen from all the world literature in accordance with environmental laws. It does not only offer suggestions, but also connects you with the companies we have contracted with and ensures that your problems are resolved quickly.

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